2020 Styczeń 05

NAV.COM & Częstochowa University of Technology established cooperation

The Częstochowa University of Technology and NAV.COM signed a cooperation agreement in December which aims to establish long-term cooperation to develop innovative technological solutions

2019 Grudzień 16

Key dates for the upcoming wave of updates for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

The next round of updates for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform is scheduled for April 2020. But before that, Customers and Partners can expect a new document with press releases and more detailed schedules.

2019 Listopad 05

Business Central worldwide: MetaViewer integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central

Metafile Information Systems announced that its paperless document management and automation solution, MetaViewer, now integrates with Dynamics 365 Business Central.

2019 Październik 13

Directions EMEA 2019

On 09-11 October in Vienna took place the largest independent conference for Microsoft Partners, focused on the Business Central system

2019 Wrzesień 26

NAV.COM receive a certificate from Elavon Financial Services DAC

We would like to inform you that our team has successfully completed work on software for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 in version W1 10.0 PL 10.00 10.0.20784.0 compliant with Elavon SmartLink specification

2019 Sierpień 22


BPC Training Center organized a meeting in Kielce entitled: Intelligent factory of the XXI century. NAV.COM as one of the technology partners participated in the organization of the event.

2019 Lipiec 19

Microsoft Inspire 2019

Microsoft Inspire is the largest event for Microsoft Partners, attracting participants from more than 140 countries.

2019 Lipiec 04


NAV.COM is created by a well-coordinated and committed team of professionals, for whom work is a real passion. We have been proving it for years, being at the forefront of the annual list of the best Microsoft Partners

2019 Czerwiec 28

Buisness Central Worldwide: Introduction of a new solution for credit unions in Microsoft Dynamics 365

CRM Dynamics (CRMD) has announced the launch of Credit Union Blueprint (CUB), a CRM system for credit unions built on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

2019 Maj 15

Microsoft updates the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central license policy

Microsoft has updated its license policy for Microsot Dynamics 365 Business Central to further develop the benefits of the transition from GP and NAV, clarify some scenarios for ISV and add device licenses (per-divice).

2019 Kwiecień 02

eXtreme365 2019 Conference

On 25-27 March, took place the largest periodic event in Europe devoted to Microsoft Dynamics 365 products

2019 Marzec 12

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central available on the Polish market

On 12 March Microsoft presented in Poland a cloud version of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central operating system designed for comprehensive management of resources in developing enterprises.

2019 Luty 18

NAV Worldwide: Electronic Signature for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Secured Signing has announced that the Secured Signing for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is now available on Microsoft AppSource. Secured Signing as a company offers a digital signature service that supports the possibility of filling in all kinds of electronic documents and the e-signature itself.

2018 Grudzień 18

Upgrade at Quickpack Polska

We have successfully completed the Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade at Quickpack Polska, the producer of food wraps, bags and kitchen accessories.

2018 Wrzesień 28

Upgrade at Progress Eco

Our company has completed the ERP system upgrade at Progress ECO, a leading Polish producer of industrial screens and wire mesh.

2018 Sierpień 21

Upgrade at Vive Textile Recycling

NAV.COM has successfully finished an upgrade of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to 2017 version at Vive Textile Recycling.

2017 Sierpień 23

NAV Worldwide: Europlus Direct

British IT services provider, Europlus Direct, has decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV to optimize efficiency and streamline workflow of process automation.

2017 Lipiec 12

Implementation at Silspek Rubber

NAV.COM has just finished an implementation of the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV in Silspek Rubber, a chemical-industry company.

2017 Czerwiec 30

Microsoft Inspire 2017

Between 9th and 13th July 2017 in Washington DC, the Microsoft Inspire Conference will take place.

2017 Maj 31

NAV Worldwide: Kempinski Hotels

Kempinski Hotels has decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV to optimize efficiency and facilitate insight into expenses within organization.

2017 Kwiecień 28

NAV Worldwide: Chessington Garden Centre

Chessington Garden Centre has started to use Microsoft Dynamics NAV integrated with Points Of Sale manager by LS NAV module.

2017 Marzec 31

Implementation in a Sawmill

NAV.COM has recently finished the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 implementation in Zakład Stolarsko-Tartaczny Ryszard Winiecki i Wspólnicy Sp.j.

2017 Marzec 30

EMEA 2017 in Amsterdam

On 4-6th April in Amsterdam the EMEA Summit 2017 will take place.

2017 Luty 27

NAV Worldwide: The Little Potato Company

Canadian-based The Little Potato Company has decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV in a form of a special, tailored solution that includes software for supply chain management in food industry.

2017 Luty 17

Implementation in BGIndustry

NAV.COM has recently finished a successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV in BGIndustry – a company operating in plastics industry.

2017 Luty 16

Save Money with GreenMail24

Since 1st February 2017 Poczta Polska (Polish Post Office) has raised the cost of regular and registered letters. The raise, however, will help to save more money thanks to e-invoicing services available within GreenMail24 system, which is fully integrable with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

2017 Styczeń 31

NAV Worldwide: Wilkinson Healthcare

Wilkinson Healthcare, a British medical appliance wholesaler has decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV in order to support its actions and prepare a platform for further growth.

2017 Styczeń 30

NAV Worldwide: LS Express Start

LS Retail has prepared a new solution, named LS Express Start for Point Of Sale management, which works in cooperation with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 365 (which combines the features of ERP, CRM and MS Office).

2016 Grudzień 28

New Features in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017, the latest version of the ERP system we offer, includes a number of useful features that make company management easier in many aspects.

2016 Sierpień 31

EMEA in Prague

Between 12 and 14 October 2016 in Prague the latest edition of Directions EMEA will take place.

2016 Sierpień 31

NAV for Windows

Anveo company has prepared the Anveo Mobile App, grating the full access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV from devices working on Windows and Windows Phone.

2016 Sierpień 31

Beverage producer chooses NAV

Weston Cider company, a beverage producer operating in United Kingdom and Australia, has decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV in order to streamline processes involving production and export.

2016 Sierpień 31

NAV in a brewery

Everard brewery based in Leicestershire (UK) has decided to upgrade its existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV installation to the latest version.

2016 Czerwiec 28

Klonex and NAV 2016

Klonex VCS, one of our clients and a supplier of technological solutions involving data transmission and multimedia platforms, has decided to upgrade its Microsoft Dynamics NAV system to 2016 version.

2016 Maj 30

NAV in a London museum

London’s Foundling Museum has decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system.

2016 Maj 30

NAV at Datek

British IT consultancy company, Datek Solutions, has decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

2016 Kwiecień 30

ERP Conference in Łódź

On 24 April 2016 in Łódź another Synergy Poland conference named “The Choice of ERP system and supplier” took place.

2016 Kwiecień 29

NAV supports IT services

An international IT services company A&O has decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

2016 Kwiecień 29

Project Madeira

Microsoft has announced a preview of Madeira Project, basing on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 and productivity tools used in Office 365.

2016 Luty 23

Roadshow in Kielce

On February 23, 2016 in Kielce, the new Roadshow meeting took place, organized by Synergy Poland Sp. z o.o.. Its main topic was: “The Choice of ERP system and supplier – a milestone for the company or unnecessary risk?”.